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Friday, November 7, 2008

THE GREEN INTEGER REVIEW Nos. 11-16 (Nick Piombino and Toni Simon)

Nick Piombino and Toni Simon
from Contradicta

Acceptance of uncertainty won't banish every qualm but unreasonable demands for certitude will make doubt a steady companion.


Not all information is beneficial. Cultivating a taste for not knowing some things may make for a better day


Worries are daydreams without legs, or, worry is the caterpillar, daydream the butterfly.


Joy is the giant, sadness the shadow


What writing begins only commitment to a point of view completes.


Talk opens a possibility to listening, listening to understanding, understanding to insight, insight to change. But anywhere along the line the chain might break.

Strength is as important for love as kindness since it is as crucial to challenge the neglect of those whose love we want as it is to challenge our own neglect of those who want our love.


Perhaps before photography, prior to the omnipresence of the pose, people looked—and therefore felt—more like themselves.

Look back—it's always the same. One more moment and you would have found it.


If you haven't asked a question, you haven't said anything.

Copyright ©2008 by Nick Piombino

Author of Poems, The Boundary of Blur, and fait accompli, Nick Piombino lives in Brooklyn, N. Y. Green Integer will publish his and Toni Simon's Contradicta in early 2009.

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