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Thursday, November 6, 2008

THE GREEN INTEGER REVIEW Nos. 11-16 (Susan Bee, Four Recent Paintings)

Eye of the Storm, 2007, 48 x 51", oil on linen.
Après le Deluge (2006, 48 x 60") (detail)

Happy Anniversary (2006, 16 x 12")

Blue Ladies (2006, 11 x 14")

Paintings copyright ©2008 by Susan Bee

Susan Bee is a painter, editor, and book artist living in NYC. Bee has had four solo shows at A.I.R. Gallery in NYC. She is co-editor of M/E/A/N/I/N/G: An Anthology of Artists Writings, Theory, and Criticism (Duke, 2000) and co-edits M/E/A/N/I/N/G Online. Granary Books has published six of her artist's books, including The Burning Babe and Other Poems by Jerome Rothenberg, A Girl’s Life with Johanna Drucker, Little Orphan Anagram with Charles Bernstein, and Bed Hangings with Susan Howe. She teaches in the School of Visual Arts MFA in Art Criticism and Writing program. Her website is:

1 comment:

Curtis Faville said...

Dear Susan: You don't know me, but I'm an old acquaintance of Ron Silliman's and Barry Watten's.

I have a friend, Keith Mosier, whose wife is also a painter. I thought you might be interested to check out her website, which looks very much like yours. Melissa (Mel) is an abstract painter whose work used to be derivative of Hans Hoffman, but which has taken new paths (she likes Gerhard Richter). Here is her URL page:

Mel and Keith are currently separated--Mel lives in San Francisco, and Keith in Ketchum, Idaho. Keith and I got to be friends about five years ago--I encouraged him to go to Mills College, where he studied with Stephen Ratcliff, among others. He and I like to fly-fish together; Keith's a world class fisherman.

Mel's work is not bad. The recent canvasses, shown on her site, suggest to me winter scenes--screens of snow-forest against a background. Sort of implicitly winter landscapes, but gratuitously so, like all true abstractionist work. Less representational and programmatic than yours.

Curtis Faville