Thursday, November 6, 2008

GREEN INTEGER REVIEW, NOS. 11-16 (Bruce Andrews)

Bruce Andrews / Photo by Larry Bremner

Bruce Andrews

Dang Me


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Dang Me

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Copyright ©2008 by Bruce Andrews
As well as a number of essays, Andrews has published about forty books of poetry, either on his own or in collaboration with other writers. These include I Don't Have Any Paper So Shut Up (Or, Social Romanticism) (1992) and Ex Why Zee: Performance Texts, Collaborations with Sally Silvers, Word Maps, Bricolage & Improvisation (1995). Designated Heartbeat (Salt Publishing) and Swoon Noir (Chax Press, 2007) brings Andrews well into the 21st century. Also of note, recent projects (and e-reprints of earlier publications) are also appearing on-line.

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