Saturday, April 18, 2020

“My Crickets: A Little Decameron #22”

A rather wonderful thing happened today to Howard. On his way out to Trader Joe's (because of the long line he didn't enter) he finally got our wine and cheese at Smart and Final's. Back in our building's elevator, a Korean neighbor who he didn't even know suddenly said, "Here is a better mask," and gave him 4 of them. Ours were quite beautifully fashioned by Therese, but somewhat difficult simply to get on, requiring tying behind our necks, etc. How nice friends (like Therese) and neighbors (like this unknown Korean friend) are! It's very hard to imagine a time when masks are the new chic.
     Last night, Howard, who had perhaps too much to drink, didn't want to make the planned for Cesar Salad (we had all the ingredients) and insisted instead on either Chinese food (I have come to dislike our local Chinese restaurant) or McDonald burgers (which I detest). Finally, after he stubbornly said that then we wouldn't eat, I made a run out to McDonald's to get Big Macs and a single cheeseburger, half of which was all I could eat! A few French Fries. I have to say, they were well-prepared, with lanes and big plastic protections for their employees. And they were quite fast in delivering. Traffic was a breeze! I've never before been able to turn left onto Wilshire Blvd.!
     Not much to eat during the day, although I did have my standard yogurt and blueberries thank heaven.
     Our poor cricket had a few bites of meat and cheese from our leftovers (of which there were many), perhaps the first cricket ever to visit McDonald's. I don't think he ate anything, although he was chirruping again last night, but ended quite early. He did continue very early this morning (4:30), but seemed more frightened than usual by my arrival. Perhaps he hasn't forgiven me for the food I tried to feed him.
     This morning, quite early, there were two mourning doves singing out their song. And they continued every so often throughout the day. Mourning doves mate for life; perhaps he found his new lover. Even as I write at 11:00 he's still singing out. He must be happy.
     I do think I heard our outside cricket for a while, but can't be sure. My ears seem to be ringing these days. The doctor has determined I have some hearing loss.
     Tonight, I believe, we're going to have Welsh Rarebit. Not good for us certainly, but good for the tummy and mouth. He got a nice Welsh cheese at the grocery, and Guinness beer. In these days, you eat what you might.

Los Angeles, April 18, 2020
Reprinted from Facebook  (April 2020).

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