Wednesday, April 22, 2020

“My Crickets: A Little Decameron #27”

Well, I confirmed my theory about there still being two crickets in my bathroom. The brown one was out last night hiding under my sink, while the black one was still thrashing out in the usual space. Now I can also explain why some nights the cricketing seemed to be performed in stereo.
      I again fed the critters Chinese string beans with their water. I had again put their water ramekin in the very center of the saucer on which I feed them, and it once more was moved a few inches closer to the lip when this morning I came to take it away.
      The mourning doves were singing en masse all day. That early single dove was just a harbinger of the others. And now their songs represent almost a chorus of moaning voices.
      But I didn't realize until today that early in the morning they sing out a 5-note song. But in the evening they hoot just a 3-note cry with no alteration in its pitch. Some of them continued on almost until midnight.
     Two crows came to our patio ledge for a visit, which I immediately named Heckle and Jeckle (younger people probably don't remember the late 1940s and 1950s animated cartoon-series).
     This morning another crow flapped by and moved off to the roof. Just checking out dove territory I suspect, since all that singing will surely lead to dove babies. I've seen them swoop down and grab up new-born chicks. But then our second cat, Kiwi was also not very nice to the doves, bringing many a one into our house as a "gift." I often attempted to “save” them, but most of them did survive her brutal catch.
     We received our delivery bag of food that my friend Pablo Capra had ordered for us from Sprouts: Swiss chard, broccoli, blueberries, blackberries, a lemon, eggs, and a bag of beautifully colored potatoes.
      Pablo is a vegetarian, and all of these things are delicious evidence of that, although neither of us has previously eaten Swiss chard. Looking forward to trying it. Perhaps we'll become vegetarians as well. For a long while now we haven't eaten much meat, and after seeing what is happening in the meat-packing plants in the Midwest, perhaps we no longer can even stomach cows, chickens, and pigs.
      We had lovely loosely scrambled eggs and the intolerable muffins for dinner last night.
      As he was falling asleep last evening, Howard suddenly mumbled the words "I hope you're not going to abandon me." After 50 years and 3 very long months of living with him, I'm surely not going to "abandon" him, unless, of course, if I die first.
      There have now been 178,845 deaths from COVID-19 world-wide, and scientists now realize that the disease had been in the US (in California) at least two weeks before the first case in Kirkland, Washington was announced, which means we were all exposed to the virus long before we even knew it had visited us.

Los Angeles, April 22, 2020
Reprinted from Facebook (April 2020).

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