Monday, April 27, 2020

“My Crickets: A Little Decameron #31”

One thing I very much enjoy these quiet days is when one of our residents daily brings out his young daughter, holding her tightly to take her around the pool. Neither wear masks; surely that would frighten her. But she loves to see what's around her, and today looked into our patio, without my knowing why. Maybe she liked our crazy plastic owl.
      Other parents do similar things, some taking their children for a much-needed swim. They're noisy, but I completely understand their desperation to simply enjoy themselves for a few moments, and where the Ukrainian couple lovingly encourage them to toss and turn a short while.
      It's so quiet right now, on this rather warm day in Los Angeles. Not like anything else I've ever experienced. No cricket--too late in the day, nor mourning doves either. A big crow came down and sat on our patio railing for a few moments, obviously again inspecting his predatory territory.
Today, I finally again worked on my taxes, and will get them to our accountant, via e-mail, I think, by tomorrow.
       Howard is off to the Post Office (which is still surviving, but in great peril), and then on to two brief outings at our local groceries, Ralph's and Smart and Final, Ralph's evidently remarkably busy. He proclaimed we had enough now to eat for another week!
      We toss so much food away that we can no longer process. I wish somehow we might give it away before it spoils to those in need.
      Last night we had frozen Sicilian pizza, tonight eggs Benedict or a version of it, this time with exceptionally good Thomas' muffins, finally again available at our local grocery.
     It was difficult to get up in the middle of the night; my muscles and foot hurt. But thank heaven my little cricket was there to greet me, and didn't stop his leg-rubbing for a moment.

Los Angeles, April 27, 2020
Reprinted from Facebook (April 2020).

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